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case study t-mobile cz,t-mobile cz,infrastructure for payment system,available message queuing mechanism,scalable data storage,t mobile cz

T-Mobile CZ

T-Mobile CZ needed to ensure a highly secure, scalable, and reliable infrastructure for payment system. The company also needed a highly available message queuing mechanism and scalable data storage for their distributed system.

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case study parkdots,ParkDots,scalable infrastructure,DevOps based software development,cost effectivity on Azure


ParkDots case study: scalable infrastructure supporting modern DevOps based software development and best cost effectivity on Azure.

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case study detsche telekkom,deutsche telekom  ,iam redhat sso,keycloak,large size of backlog tasks,openstack,system for mapping all fiber paths

Deutsche Telekom  

Deutsche Telekom as leader in fiber optics is building their own system for mapping all fiber paths. It is biggest system what we ever seen and they needed to help with IAM RedHat SSO (Keycloak) solution in this project. Telekom needed to help with large size of backlog tasks regarding to OpenStack, AWS and Keycloak

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Unlocking Your Potential with DevOps,Understanding DevOps,Catalyst for Transformation,Tailored Solutions,Key offerings,Benefits of Partnering with Us

Unlocking Your Potential with DevOps

“The integration of Development and Operations (DevOps) practices has emerged as a transformative approach, streamlining workflows, enhancing collaboration, and driving continuous improvement. At DevOpsGroup, our DevOps services are designed to empower your organization by leveraging this cutting-edge methodology, unlocking new levels of efficiency and productivity.”

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Case Studies

Successful DevOps Solutions

iaac infrastructure,dynamo global tables,eks (kubernetes),case study: match worn shirt,scalable Iaac solution,multi-region challenges

Match Worn Shirt

Match Worn Shirt’s auction portal transformed with DevOpsGroup. Discover the scalable Iaac solution that addresses spikes and multi-region challenges.

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