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Cloud and Kubernetes

We are always looking for a solution that will provide you with the widest possible penetration between the required quality and solution price. Migrating to the cloud requires the most meticulous approach to optimizing the benefits of cloud solutions and meeting your budget goals.

Cloud migration is the process of moving existing information technology, applications, data and other business processes from on-premises or physical servers to a cloud environment.
Organizations move their existing applications, data, and services to cloud infrastructure solutions, whether they are public cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), or private cloud solutions.


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Advantages of Cloud Migration and Kubernetes?

1. Improved availability and scalability:

rapid on-demand scaling, enabling organisations to better manage changes in resource demand.

2. Cost optimization:

pay only for the resources you use.

3. Data security and management:

advanced data security as well as data management and backup tools.

4. Faster innovation and development:

easier implementation of new features and applications. 5.

5. Workforce flexibility:

working remotely and connecting different teams and departments. 6.

6. Data analytics and artificial intelligence:

data analytics tools and the use of artificial intelligence, which can help identify value from your data.

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