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T-Mobile CZ

“T-Mobile CZ needed to ensure a highly secure, scalable, and reliable infrastructure for payment system”

At a glance


  • Enhanced security (payment system) 
  • Highly available messaging system 
  • Scalable data storage 
  • Automation of infrastructure and applications deployment 


  • Highly available and scalable Kubernetes cluster 
  • Service mesh for distributed architecture 
  • Automated infrastructure 
  • Automated management of packages for Kubernetes applications with helm 
  • Extra security 


T-Mobile CZ needed to ensure a highly secure, scalable, and reliable infrastructure for payment system. The company also needed a highly available message queuing mechanism and scalable data storage for their distributed system. 


Our solution is a powerhouse of cutting-edge technology, featuring EKS with NLB, RabbitMQ for messaging, MongoDB as a storage solution, and Istio service mesh. EKS and NLB provide scalable, highly available infrastructure, while RabbitMQ enables reliable messaging and MongoDB ensures robust data storage. The addition of Istio service mesh offers advanced traffic management, service discovery, and observability capabilities. Together, these technologies offer a highly secure, scalable, and performant solution for messaging and data storage within Kubernetes, empowering businesses to achieve their goals with ease. 

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Jaroslav Stuler 

Telco BD manager for outsourcing 

DevOpsGroup designed architecture for Telecom payments portal “SDP” and help resolve long lasting shortcomings that project team tried eliminate for a long time period. Devopsgroup significantly improve the efficiency and outcome for the better and get solution up and running. 

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