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Deutsche Telekom  

“DIGIHUB GIGABIT IAM TEAM. Biggest Fiber Optics Project in Germany”

At a Glance


  • Complex Infrastructure 
  • Migration from OpenShift to AWS 
  • Complex Keycloak SSO 


  • Quick adaptation into team 
  • Reduce overhead on Product Owner 
  • Stabilise team and IAM 


Deutsche Telekom as leader in fiber optics is building their own system for mapping all fiber paths. 

It is biggest system what we ever seen and they needed to help with IAM RedHat SSO (Keycloak) solution in this project. 

Telekom needed to help with large size of backlog tasks regarding to OpenStack, AWS and Keycloak 


Michal, Patrik and Andrej joined IAM team and started adaptation process. 

After adaptation process they were successful with completing backlog tasks and helped team to deliver required functionalities. 

They were successfully oriented in complex ecosystem of Telekom infrastructure and CI/CD. 

As team DevOps Group helped with technologies: Red HAT SSO, Kubernetes, Gitlab CI, Pulumi, K8S Operators, OpenShift 

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Reiner Merterns 

IAM Architect and Product Owner (Telecommunication Provider) 

Michal and his team from DevOpsGroup joined a team, which is providing central infrastructure components for Access Management, some 6 months ago. They adopted to our very complex microservices driven environment very fast providing benefits to the team early. Our architecture is based on Kubernetes running on AWS, and the whole CI/CD Pipeline is based on GitLab using HELM and HELMFILE with a high level of complexity. With there deep knowledge about these technologies, they helped us to stabilize our production deployments while at the same time increase the deployment schedule. They are also able to provide architecture and solution design skills. Michal and his team show good social competencies. 

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