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Match Worn Shirt

Match Worn Shirt | DevOpsGroup“Giving fans around the world the chance to own a piece of history whilst raising funds for the charity.”

At a Glance


  • Multiple GEO locations
  • GEO synchronised DB
  • Traffic Spikes
  • Scalable to new locations
  • All in 2 months


  • Direct Cost : 19 900€
  • Scalable to new regions by variables


As auction portal for mainly football shirts they were facing problem with latencies for multiple world locations and load spikes after football match ends and auction starts.


DevOpsGroup did their best and provided scalable Iaac infrastructure which is driven by parameters and can by scaled up or down.

For Database was used Dynamo Global Tables with synchronisation.

For cost saving purposes, there was used local copy of OpenSearch in each region with Lambda sync script from Dynamo DB. Spikes were solved by Lambda serverless for affected components .

Other resources were in EKS (Kubernetes). MatchWornShirt runs their entire production on solution provided by DevopsGroup.

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Kevin Rombout


“DevOpsGroup gave us infrastructure as code (IaC) solution that is easy to read, to extend and to deploy by making use of building blocks provided and supported by AWS, Terraform and Github. Given the complex requirements and customisations, two months were really challenging. Excellent work and excellent results.“

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