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“Inovative parking system. Parking in your city? ParkDots is the app. Full stop. ”

At a Glance


  • Over 100 microservices 
  • Large NoSQL Database 
  • Unstable infrastructure 
  • Problematic release 
  • Migration from OTC to Azure 


  • increase in operational reliability 
  • lower operation overhead 
  • Chatbot for release 


As smart parking company they had issues with unstable infrastructure based on OpenTelekomCloud and Rancher 1.6 with Cattle and problematic release process and CI/CD based on Jenkins 

They wanted scalable infrastructure supporting modern DevOps based software development with periodical releases and scalable to high load with best cost effectivity on Azure 


Migration plan with minimum time running of new and old envrionment was provided and all 3 environments was migrated to Azure to AKS. 

Complex monitoring and alerting system was created and DevOpsGroup was managing this infrastructure for 2 years and cooperating with operations team. 

ChatBot with possibility of release to any environment was created with HuBot and StackStorm. 

Maintenance of all infrastructure was moved to Customer internal team and provided all necessary trainings. 

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Michal Bróska 

Head of technology 

As a DevOps specialist at the turn of 2019/2020, Michal migrated the ParkDots smart parking solution from OpenTelekomClod to Microsoft Azure. It was three separate environments (QA – PRE-PROD – PROD). Two years after the migration, we can see a significant increase in operational reliability and no serious incident in the cloud infrastructure. 

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