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Enjoy full control of your cloud, lower DevOps costs and maximize return on development with our unique DevOps solution.
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We are masters of technology

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Why DevOpsGroup

DevOpsGroup Force are solution delivery experts in DevOps Orchestration. Our values combine Efficiency and Quality built on our Experience.

Bring your departments closer together by integrating modern Cloud and DevOps infrastructure. Optimize your spendings and let your infrastructure boost your profit.

Services we offer

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DevOps Architecture

DevOps Architecture

Audit of your current architecture or proposal of a new Devops architecture with a strong focus on optimalization.

Learn to understand your software development lifecycle and become a pro in integrating all aspects into a CI/CD pipeline across multiple tools. DevOps is a powerful and the most resilient system you will ever find.

Cloud and Kubernetes services​ | DevOpsGroup

Cloud and Kubernetes services

We have well designed modules in Terraform for Infrastructure as code in AWS or Azure.

As all module blocks are driven by parameters, we could easily adapt to your needs because you are paying only for customization of modules not for creation of them. All services are deployed in your environment.

Mentoring Program | DevOpsGroup

Mentoring Program

Don’t have an expert IT background? No problem! Join our amazing community where you can learn to become skilled in DevOps.

Real people, real assignments, tailored to your preferences. Experience personal growth with DevOpsGroup.

What DevOps
platform offers?

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Your code
under control

Infrastructure as code in terraform in your git.
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Out-of-box approach

Monitoring & logging via Prometheus, Grafana, Loki
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Scalable infrastructure

Best practice using scalable infrastructure parameters

Professional Guidance | DevOpsGroup

Professional guidance

We assist with integration and migration to EKS

Broad Support | DevOpsGroup

Broad Support

Supports EKS, ALB,ELB, S3, ELK,RDS, Aurora and more

Team Training | DevOpsGroup

Team training

We offer professional training for your team
Professional Maintenance | DevOpsGroup

Professional maintenance

Maintaining the infrastructure by our specialists
Cost Saving | DevOpsGroup

Cost Saving

Cost savings up to 50% with our DevOps solutions

What are the benefits?

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Web portals

Enhance your webportal with flexible and customized DevOps & Kubernetes service.
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Solutions for mobile/web and software providers.
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Growing startups

Reduce maintenance and rise to the horizon
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Need proof of concept? Reach us!
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Our DevOpsGroup Forces

Our main philosophy is bringing the benefits of standardization into the future of DevOps.

Michal Smolik

CEO/CTO | DevOps Architect

Linda Lukackova

co-CEO | People & Marketing Manager

Andrej Rabek

DevOps Specialist

Patrik Mati

DevOps Specialist

Lukas Cagarda

DevOps Engineer

Juliana Phamova

DevOps Engineer

Pavol Krajkovic

DevOps Engineer

Sabina Srokova

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