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What is DevOps?

DevOps is a term

Which is increasingly appearing in the corporate environment of information technology. Nevertheless, there is currently a lack of a standardized or uniform definition that would precisely define the meaning of DevOps. However, there are several different perspectives that allow us to better understand this concept.

One of these views is the definition from the book “The DevOps Handbook”, which comes close to agreeing between academics and practitioners. According to her, DevOps is the result of the application of proven principles from the field of physical production and management to the field of information technology. This approach draws from Lean management, Theory of Constraints, the Toyota Production System, resilience engineering, learning organizations, safety, human factors, and more. DevOps also draws on the values of high-trust governance, employee leadership, and organizational change management. The result is reliability, stability and world-class safety at ever lower cost and effort. DevOps ensures fast flow and reliability in product management, development, quality assurance, IT operations and information security.

In short, DevOps can also be characterized as an interdisciplinary community that deals with the creation, development and management of large-scale systems that change rapidly. In other words, DevOps represents the hands-on activities of operations and development engineers working together on the entire life cycle of a service, from design to development to production support.

The key connection in the name DevOps are two areas – Software Development (development) and IT Operations (operation). The goal of this merger is to remove barriers between the two areas to achieve faster software delivery with greater stability and resilience.

Fundamentally, DevOps is an approach that ensures that software is properly functional and quickly available on the market. Developers and operations managers use various tools and processes to collaborate and simplify their work.

Overall, DevOps improves the efficiency of the people who create software and encourages them to collaborate better, leading to faster development and higher quality software.

Andrej Rábek


“DevOps? I don’t know what you are talking about. I can create your infrastructure in AWS, automate it with Terraform that runs in pipeline in GitLab, create Helm charts for your applications, deploy it in cooperation with Helmfile again from pipelines, obviously, and some other stuff. Is it enough? I don’t know. You tell me.”

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