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T-Mobile CZ

“T-Mobile CZ needed to ensure a highly secure, scalable, and reliable infrastructure for payment system”


parking system. Parking in your city? ParkDots is the app. Full stop. ”

DevOps roles

A DevOps (development and operations) team is a cross-functional group of experts within an organization that focuses on improving collaboration and communication between software development and IT operations. The main goal of the DevOps team is to streamline the software development life cycle, automate processes and ensure smooth and efficient development, deployment and operation of software applications.

What is DevOps?

“DevOps is a term which is increasingly appearing in the corporate environment of information technology. Nevertheless, there is currently a lack of a standardized or uniform definition that would precisely define the meaning of DevOps. However, there are several different perspectives that allow us to better understand this concept”


“Prevent current and future digital fraud with one powerful package”

IEE Sensing

“IEE Sensing is a well known brand in the world with considerable experience as an automotive system supplier and component manufacturer.”

Match Worn Shirt

Match Worn Shirt | DevOpsGroup“Giving fans around the world the chance to own a piece of history whilst raising funds for the charity.”